Designing for Performance

Praise for Designing for Performance

Designing for Performance is the book to hand to anyone— designer or developer—who wants to start making faster sites. Lara carefully and clearly explains not just how you can create better performing sites, but how you can champion performance within your organization ensuring it remains a priority long after launch.”
Tim Kadlec–Independent Developer and Consultant
“A web experience’s performance evokes emotion from users just as much–if not more–than its aesthetics. Lara’s book is so essential because she helps us understand that performance isn’t just a technical best practice; it’s an essential design consideration. By providing a slew of helpful tips and best practices, Lara provides a map for anyone looking to establish a culture of performance in their work.”
Brad Frost–Web Designer
“Speed is an integral part of design. A beautiful website or app that takes forever to load will be viewed by no one. This book gives designers the knowledge they need to build fast web experiences.”
Jason Grigsby–Co-Founder, Cloud Four
“Design is the foundation of your performance strategy: it defines the user experience and expectations, shapes development, and directly impacts operations. This book should be required reading for designers and developers alike.”
Ilya Grigorik–Web Performance Engineer, Google
“If you’ve ever wondered how aesthetic choices impact performance or how cellular networks degrade your site’s user experience, read this book. Designing for Performance gives you the tools to make and measure high impact performance improvements on your site, including actionable strategies to increase awareness of performance across your company. Great performance is good design.”
Jason Huff–Product Design Manager, Etsy